Many Reason to choose KANOKA

Purity the aura and energy is important for your mental and physical health.

  • ① Australian native botanical

    Australian native botanicals demonstrate exceptionally high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals. Greater ability to strength the immune system, high healing, reduces inflammation

  • ② Safe & gentle on the body

    Our product is a reliable product that has been tested with Stability and Preservative Efficiency in a professional company.

  • ③ Organic Rose otto floral water

    Our mist products use Organic Rose otto as the base. Rose has the highest frequency, purifies negative energy and increase vibration. Keep your mind and body health.

  • ④ Special offer

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  • How to use the Mist & Muscle Balm

    1. Mist: Simply spray in the air around your body from head to toe. Not directly on your face. Slowly to take a deep breath in from your nose and exhale out of your mouth.

    2. Use as a room spray

    3. Spray on the pillow before sleep

    4. Muscle Balm: Apply a small amount of balm to the affected area. This Balm is suitable for soothing muscular pain and joint aches. High healing

Thank you for using KanoKa

Please do not hold your stress. We need you to find a way to provide love and Be your self. This is how we can stay on earth.
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~A Story about Kanoka~

I would like to share with you why Kanoka's product are good to use.

I have always suffered from unexplainably poor physical conditions. Even when I saw the doctor, I was told that it was caused by stress, and I didn't know what to do.

And I developed shingles when I was in high school, and I often suffered form neuralgia.

After that, I was troubled by psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and sudden poor health. But it was always diagnosed as being caused by stress.

Also, I was very sensitive to other people's emotions, and it was easy to make me feel stressed.

I was considered what I should do and how to relieve stress....

When I learned about aromatherapy by studying remedial massage, I realised that this might be the answer. Because it has been proven that essential oils have significant and measurable effect on mood, irritation, stress, depression, apathy, relaxation. Especially Australian native botanicals.

After that, I tried various aromatherapy products.

There are many things with strong essential blends and strong stimulation. And some of them are causes allergic reactions. So I don't know which one to use.

Then I thought I should make low-stimulation, safe to use and effective product.

Because if I do that, it will help people who have the same problem as me. That is the why I made those products.

Kanoka product is based on a blend of rose Otto floral water and Australian Native Botanicals.

After i use this mist, I felt refreshed and good energy balance surrounding me. I do 5 minutes meditation every day with Kanoka mists. Just sprayed around your body and take a few deep breaths.

Please look after yourself. Your body and mental balance are extremely important. Now I can control my stress.

Please try the products!!